Monday, 7 April 2014

All that matters...

So the weekend was far more eventful than I planned. Waking up on Saturday morning, the bliss that comes with waking up beside my husband, the joy that fills the air knowing I have two whole days out of the office, the sound of children playing on the streets and of course the hawkers – bread, ogi, (you name it). Yay!! Saturday!!!

Having my mother-in-law visit for the first time made me a bit nervous, I felt everything had to be perfect; squeaky clean floors, windows, bathrooms and toilets. The idea of her coming to our house and having a meal scared the hell out of me; I mean who can compete with the world’s best cook (well 2nd best! My mom is number one) but thank God for all those years of having to help out in the kitchen. Judgment day had come! I figured I’d make the most unexpected meal, the exquisite, delicious (my favorite for life) beans porridge and plantain.

Having shuttled between the kitchen and house-cleaning for about three hours, I was ready to drop onto the sofa for a short nap. That wasn’t going to happen as I heard the familiar horn just outside the gate! Jumping up while getting rid of all forms of clothing on me, I jumped into the bathroom to make myself look a little bit presentable rather than scare off the poor woman with my awfully sweaty and smelly body.
That’s how I came out o to see my husband and his mother carrying a boot-load of food stuff as gifts for me! (well us).

 I’m not sure which made me weak, her kindness or the reality that there was more work to be done! She barely sat for five minutes before rushing into the kitchen to prepare fruit salad for us which I gladly downed within minutes while catching up on the week’s activities. We cooked, we laughed, we talked, we played and for a few hours; my world was one without pain, hurt, or any of those negative feelings.

I can go on writing about our escapades from that day but the point is, family is one of the best gifts God has blessed mankind with. I have been through so much in my past to know that without a support system, there was no way I would have made it out sane.

I recall sometime; not so long ago when I was really sick and had to stay in the hospital for a while, I figure I was the most popular patient as the nurses got tired of sending out my mom, sister, aunties, cousins and friends because I needed rest – well so they said.

My first post is dedicated to those who have made life worth living... I hope you are not tired of me yet!


  1. awww very nicely written... family is everything and more. Thumbs up babe

  2. Aww nice write up....yeah family means a lot, I wonder if one cn exist without them. Also let us thank God 4 blessing us with the good ones.

  3. You're completely right. There really is nothing like family, a good support system to make life's journeys easier. An immensely good read...

  4. Heart warming write up. :)
    Family is truly the greatest blessing and I thank God for that.

  5. Thank you for the encouragement guys! Really appreciate it :)

  6. Lovely piece. I really enjoyed reading this its like reading your thoughts. Please how often will you be posting?

    1. Still trying to figure out the logistics ma'am. I will let you know soon!

  7. Well written! You write as "YOU"...Enjoyed every bit and like I've learnt; 'Family...they give you a reason to live countless times when you want to give up.

  8. I like. The style. The language. Human. Honest.Warm. Don't stop!