Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Dream

I picked up my phone and decided to break the jinx. Having had a writer's block for a while now, I know it's time to break it. Life changing events sometimes causes us to loose interest in the things we love... oh well, here goes!!!

Struggling with myself; my legs barely carrying my weight, I realized I may have overdone this one. Gaining a lot of weight doesn't just affect ones physical wellness but also the psychological  and emotional well-being. 
Looking in the mirror was horrifying, I mean where did my flat tummy go? How come I was spotting some dark stretchmarks on my hips?! Was this even normal? Everyone looked at me now, walking into my office never felt more nerve-wracking. Now I understand how fat Albert must have felt.

Speaking with my therapist, I expressed with much pain in voice how upsetting the changes in my body were, how 'beautyless' I felt... He jolted me back to reality. "You are pregnant" he said, these changes are normal.

I woke up panting, covered in sweat. The room was really dark, thank God it was only a dream.
 Or was it?